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Finding & Using Images, Audio, and Video

Tips and resources for finding "copyright friendly" multi-media materials. Contains many links to sites with free Creative Commons and Public Domain media.


  • Materials found through these resources are not automatically "okay" to use
  • Some of these resources contain a mix of public domain and creative commons licensed materials
  • Always check the specific license before using and/or evaluate for Fair Use

Public Domain Audio


Public Domain Dedication Symbol             Public Domain Mark

Creative Commons Audio

See the copyright page of this guide for more information on Creative Commons attribution symbols to determine use. 

See the copyright page of this guide for more information on Creative Commons attribution symbols to determine use. 

Sound Effect Resources

Soundzabound: Royalty Free Audio

BadgerLink provides all Wisconsin residents with access to Soundzabound (see link below), a collection of royalty free music and sound effects designed specifically for K-12 school use (universities too). Royalty free means that you can use these MP3 files in any digital, multimedia or live production without paying per use.

Users may be automatically authenticated by BadgerLink as a Wisconsin resident, or may need to enter a Wisconsin library card number to access the resources. Users can search or browse for music and sound effects and download the files to their computer or network.


Guide content based on the Finding and Using Media guide from the J. Edgar & Louise S. Monroe Library, Loyola University & the Copyright & Creative Commons, Free Images and Music guide from the Brisbane Grammar School Libraries.