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Information Literacy Integration Kits

Pre-built learning objects, lesson plans, and simple assignments that you can easily integrate into your courses to support a variety of information literacy learning outcomes.

Developing a Topic & Keywords

Learn how to develop research topics through keyword development.

Searching and Finding

Learn the basics of using library resources for research.

Understanding Source Types

Learn about the characteristics of sources commonly used in college-level assignments.

Checking for Authority

Learn how to evaluate an author’s reputation, credentials, and experience to determine the value of a resource.

Evaluating Websites

Practice lateral reading, a strategy used to investigate the reliability of online sources.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Understand different forms of plagiarism and discuss the University’s standards for academic integrity.

Scholarly Sources

Learn what it means for a source to be considered "scholarly" and how to identify this type of source.

Build on an Existing Assignment

Select this option if you want to build information literacy into an existing lesson or assignment but aren't sure which kit to choose.

Start from the Beginning

Select this option if you don’t know where to start and you don’t have an existing assignment suited to information literacy lessons.