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usgpo depository logoThe Cofrin Library (Green Bay campus) was established as a selective federal depository library for Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District in 1967. As a selective depository, we receive approximately 30% of the materials available through the federal depository program. The collection does contain some historical materials reaching back in the 1800s, primarily in the areas of census, legislative, and judicial topics.

We receive government information in a variety of formats, including paper, microfiche, microfilm, CD-ROM, and electronically via the Internet.

  • The collection is housed on the 5th floor of the library and is arranged on the shelf by issuing agency rather than subject, using the SuDocs (Superintendent of Documents) system. 
  • Publications received in paper or electronically since 1995 are listed in the library's catalog. 
  • Older materials and microformat publications are not listed in the catalog.  Please ask for assistance at the 3rd floor Research Assistance Desk in using our extensive collection of print indexes to identify and locate publications not in the catalog.
  • Our federal documents collection is freely available for public use in-house. 


Wisconsin depository logoWe are also a full Wisconsin Depository Library since 1974.

The Wisconsin documents collection is housed on the 5th floor of the library and the entire collection is listed in our book catalog.  Items are arranged on the shelves by the issuing agency using the Wisconsin Documents call number system rather than by subject, just like the federal documents collection.  

Local documents: We collect some county and municipal publications. These are housed in the Wisconsin documents collection. 

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If we don't have a particular government publication, we can borrow it for you from one of the full depository libraries in Wisconsin: Milwaukee Public Library, or UW Madison and the Wisconsin State Historical Society.

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