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SHB WF 100: Exercise - Source Types

Ann Mattis, Melissa Olson-Petrie, Erica Wiest


1. Use this worksheet to assist with the exercise (available in Microsoft Word and PDF format; select whichever you prefer):

2. Click on each article below, then open the PDF Full Text (on the left side) for each one.  Using the Source Type Worksheet, identify what type of source each article is.

Article #1:  Social Media Goes to School

Article #2:  Impacts of Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying...

Article #3:  Men at Work

3. When you have finished, go to this page:


Jeff Ellair, Instruction Librarian 


I am available remotely!  Please contact me if you have any questions while completing this library session or need help with your research.  See my direct email and phone number above.  Also feel free to contact a librarian via the UWGB Libraries Research Help page.