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SHB WF 100: First Year Writing

Erica Wiest

Exercise Answers

See how you did below.  After you're done with this page, make sure you go back to the Learning Plan page to watch Video 2 on Library Search Tools and finish the library session.

Article #1:  Social Media Goes to School

Article #1 is a Trade or Professional source.  It does not follow the format of a Scholarly article, and has large, bold colors and pictures.  Though the topic of the article might be of interest to a Popular audience, the title of the magazine - Scholastic Administrator - is a big clue that this is an article directed toward school administrators, teachers or others in the educational profession.  In reading the article closely, you can tell it is directed towards teachers/administrators - explaining the challenges and opportunities they might encounter when incorporating social media into the classroom.

Article #2:  Impacts of Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying...

Article #2 is a Scholarly journal article.  It meets all the criteria of a Scholarly source and has that very typical dry and text-heavy appearance.  Scholarly articles are often easy to distinguish; it's sometimes more challenging to tell the difference between a Popular source and a Trade/Professional Source.

Article #3:  Men at Work

Article #3 is a Popular magazine article - a short, one-page opinion piece.  The magazine Commonweal is a publication directed towards Catholics or others interested in articles about the faith and related social or cultural issues.  But its content is intended primarily for a Popular audience, and is not a Professional source published by, written by, or intended for clergy or others working in the church.


Now, click here to go back to the Learning Plan page to watch Video 2 on Library Search Tools and finish the library session.


Jeff Ellair, Instruction Librarian 


Please contact me if you have any questions while completing this library session or need help with your research.  See my direct email and phone number above.  Also feel free to contact a librarian via the UWGB Libraries Research Help page.