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ORG LEAD 198: Introduction to Leadership

Ashley Heath | Lauri Welhouse

Search@UW - Search Books, Articles and More

When to use Search@UW

Use Search@UW when you want to:

  • Find books and articles using one search;
  • Do a broad, multidisciplinary search;
  • Use a variety of information sources; or
  • Want books or media owned by UW-Green Bay or other libraries.

If you want to do a focused search in a particular discipline, choose a database instead.

Select a database by title or browse by subject for more search options.

What is a Database?

A database is a collection of information.

Most often, in library terminology, this means an online collection of articles--scholarly journal articles, magazine articles, and newspaper articles.

Some databases are "multidisciplinary"--meaning they contain articles on a wide variety of topics. Other databases are more specialized and may focus on articles from a particular subject area such as business, history, or psychology.