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When to use Search@UW

Use Search@UW when you want to:

  • Find books and articles using one search;
  • Do a broad, multidisciplinary search;
  • Use a variety of information sources; or
  • Want books or media owned by UW-Green Bay or other libraries.

If you want to do a focused search in a particular discipline, choose a database instead.

Finding e-books at UWGB Libraries

You can find many e-books through Search@UW. This is a convenient option for online students or those often off-campus. You can use the "Online resources only" checkbox when you start your search, or look for the green Online Access label below titles in your search results. Otherwise, you can limit to only e-books by clicking Available online and Resource Type > Books on the left side of the results page.

You can read e-books online or download them to a device. For more information see our e-books guide in the link below:

Get Items from Other UW Libraries

Use Search@UW to find books, media and more. Some items show "Request this item," which may mean that it is located at another library. You can request these items or visit another library to view them.

Option 1: Request an item

Screenshot of Search@UW with 'UW Request (3-5 days)' outlined in red
  1. sign in to your account all available request options. Click on the UW Request option under Get It then click Submit
  2. If the book you requested is unavailable, you will receive an email with alternative request options.
  3. Once your item arrives at your campus library, you will be notified via email to pick up the item at your library’s main circulation desk.

Option 2: Visit another library

If you find yourself near another UW Library, you are welcome to visit and check out items at that library using your UW-Green Bay ID.

You don't have to travel back to that library to return your item, just drop it in your campus library’s book drop and we'll send it back.

Note: the item will not be officially 'returned' until it is checked in at the lending library.

In addition to books, Search@UW contains articles, media, and our digital collections. As you can see in the infographic, Search@UW does not contain all of our articles. While it is a great place to start searching for articles, it should not be the only place you look. Try exploring our databases to find more specialized content for your topic.