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Meeting Owl Pro Camera Guide

This guide provides instructions for downloading the Meeting Owl mobile app, connecting the camera to a computer for a web meeting, and using the mobile app to control the settings and features of the camera.

Adjusting the Camera

Camera Controls

Note: In order to test these features you need to be in a meeting.

If it is your first time using the Meeting Owl Pro, you can go through the First Time Tutorial by going to the Meeting Owl App on your device, connecting to the camera via the steps on the Connecting Camera page, and then when you choose "Otto" as the Owl you wish to use, click the "About Owl" menu, and navigate to the First Time Tutorial where it takes you through the guided set up.

owl menu in ios app

Camera Lock and Zoom

This feature allows you to use your device as a preview for the Meeting Owl's camera focus. It is useful when you have one person speaking at a time or if there is one primary presenter and they're going to be stationary. It "locks" on the person/people who have the blue rectangle drawn around them.

Teams view of the lock features in owl meeting app on ios device

lock feature in app showing rectangle

Presenter Enhance

This feature allows the camera to follow the "active noise" so it'll follow the speaker as they move around the room.

teams meeting showing enhance feature in owl meeting pro app on ios device

meeting owl pro app feature for enhance presenter ios device

360 Pano

If this feature is toggled on it will show the split-screen where the top register is the whole view of the room as a panoramic video. If it's turned off, it does not display the split-screen to remote audiences.

meeting owl pro app showing use of 360 panorama view

Ignore Zone

If there is a screen, TV, or doorway which will show passive movement or result in distractions for remote participants, you can select an area of the room for the camera to ignore by using the blue rectangle to highlight the selection. In the 360 view, this area will appear "muted/grayed out." Note: you can only select one "Ignore Zone" and you can't use this feature when you have the "Presenter Enhance" features in use.

meeting owl pro ignore zone feature ios device