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COMM SCI 198 This is your Brain on College

V. Lowery

Lateral Reading- Process​

  • Search outside of the original source for information on both the author and publisher (name of website).

  • Author Search: can you find out if the author:

    • Holds relevant credentials

    • Demonstrates relevant expertise

    • Demonstrates a professional track record of journalistic integrity

  • Publisher Search: can you find out if the publisher/ website:

    • Has a editorial or journalistic standards policy

    • Clearly labels corrections and other content changes

    • Acknowledges and manages potential biases or conflicts of interest

If you are satisfied with the results of the above, then:​

  • Scan the article to check for quality markers like

    • Is it free from obvious or distracting spelling and grammar errors?​

    • Does the author link out to or cite relevant sources when appropriate?​

    • Is the language professional?

Lateral Reading/ Web Evaluation- Directions

Evaluate your assigned website by filling out the web evaluation form. Think about if your site is appropriate for doing college level research on how people learn. Be prepared to give a short overview of your site and why or why not you would recommend its use.

You will have about 10 minutes to complete this activity.

We will discuss this as a group, so be prepared to share (in chat or unmute.)

Web Evaluation Form

Sites to Evaluate