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COMM SCI 198 This is your Brain on College

V. Lowery

Web Searching: Take Home Activity #1

Search, using Google or another search engine of your choice, for a web-based resource on your research topic. Once you find something that looks promising, use lateral reading to evaluate for authority by filling out the "Evaluate your resource" form linked below.  Please have this completed by the end of the day on Monday March 29th. 

Outline of the lateral reading process.

The form will be emailed to you (and to me) once you complete it. We will discuss this as a group in class on Tuesday March 30th , so be prepared to share (in chat or unmute.) 

Web Search: Evaluation Form

Find a peer reviewed article: take home activity #2

Using the databases listed on the Library Research page of this guide, search for your topic.  Remember to stay flexible in your search terms and to scan the article abstracts to determine if you want to read the full article. 

Using the Find Peer Reviewed Research form below, submit the citation details for one peer reviewed journal article by the end of the day on Monday March 29th. 

We will discuss this process as a group in class on Tuesday March 30th so please be prepared to share. (unmute or in chat)

What are some characteristics of scholarly sources?

Scholarly sources generally share the following characteristics:

To advance knowledge in a field of study, often in the form of original research or analysis

Journal articles, books, book chapters; usually 5 pages or longer

Experts in the field, such as professors, scientists, etc.

Text-heavy, with advanced language and terminology from the discipline

Includes citations and a bibliography, works cited, or references list