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HIST 290: The Craft of History

Jon Shelton

Places to Find Primary Sources

  1. Library Databases
    • Below you will find a list of some popular databases used to locate historical primary source research. It is not a full list of a databases for this type of research you have access to through the library. For a full list, please view the link below. 
  2. Books
    • Books written during the time period you are studying or memoirs can be considered primary sources. You can locate books and eBooks available through our libraries by using Search@UW and the eBook database tab listed below. 
  3. Digital Collections Freely Available Online
    • Depending on your research topic, you may not find that any databases cover the time period, content or geographic area you are studying. This is where digital collections freely available online such as the Library of Congress Digital Collections can be really helpful. If you need help locating relevant digital collections online, click on the research help page of this guide to connect with a librarian. 
  4. UW-Green Bay Archives & Area Research Center
    • Our campus archive has thousands of primary sources specifically related to our University, Wisconsin and Northeast Wisconsin history. To learn more, visit the link below to visit our campus archives website to connect with an archivist. 

Databases for Primary Sources

Use Search@UW to find books media & more