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In-Class Activities

Activity #1

Part 1

Before you begin...

  • Assign someone to be the notetaker for the group and take notes
  • Assign someone to be the group speaker

As a group, compare and contrast the 2 different sources. You do not need to read the entire source. In fact, I don't want you to.  Notice that for Source #1, you only have few pages of the source, not the entire thing. Do you see any similarities between the two sources? What major differences do you notice? 

Some things to think about to help you: 

  • Where and by who is the source published?
  • Who are the authors? Are they credible? Why? 
  • Physical format of the 2
  • Length
  • Audience- why is this important?
  • Tone and Language

These are just a few things to consider when comparing. There are lots more! 

Part 2

Activity #2

Before you begin...

  • Assign a group member to be the demonstrator. This person will be sharing their screen with the class later to show us how you accomplished your task. This should be someone different from the spokesperson and notetaker from the previous activity. 
  • Assign another group member to be a spokesperson for the questions in your task. 

Each group has been assigned a task. Please read your task carefully. I asked you to find a specific type of source using a specific database for a purpose. To view your task, click on your group's link below. 

You will have about 5 minutes as a group to find something. Your group will share your screen and demonstrate how you located your source.