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In-Class Activities

Activity 1: Lateral reading

Lateral reading: technique of evaluating a source by researching the source itself. This includes moving away from the publisher’s site and doing your own independent research on the author, the website or organization that published the source, and fact-checking the article when appropriate. In your group, look at your assigned source and complete the worksheet.

Be prepared to share:

  • 2 things you learned about the author and the publisher/website
  • Your rating of the source's credibility
  • Would you use this as a source for an assignment?

Activity 2: Patient education website

You are working with a patient who wants to learn more about their situation. Find an appropriate webpage to share with them. Your group will be assigned one of the following scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: An expecting parent curious about the need for vitamin K shots
  • Scenario 2: A patient recently diagnosed with high cholesterol looking to make dietary changes
  • Scenario 3: A patient who is wary of medicine and is looking for non-pharmaceutical interventions to improve anxiety
  • Scenario 4: A patient who is concerned about protecting themselves from illness and has asked about ways to “boost” their immune system
  • Scenario 5: A patient with pre-diabetes has questions about lifestyle changes to decrease blood sugar levels and prevent progression to diabetes