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Wisconsin Election Dates


WI Fall Primary Election

August 9, 2022

Fall General Election

November 8, 2022

WI Non-partisan Spring Primary

February 21, 2023

WI Non-partisan Spring Election

April 4, 2023

Vote 411

How to Register to Vote (Wisconsin)

Click on Register To Vote. If you're registering at the same address as your driver's license/state ID, you can register online (+20 days before the election.)

If you want to register at a different address (campus residence, etc.), just follow the step-by-step instructions that will help you fill out a form which you must print and turn in.

How to turn in a paper voter registration form

Mail the printed, signed form to your municipal clerk (+20 days before the election)

OR complete the form at your municipal clerk's office (through Friday before election day)

OR complete the form at your polling place on election day.

You must also show a proof of residence document. 

How to Vote

Find your polling place by visiting:

Bring a photo ID (everyone) and proof of residence document (if registering/updating registration.)

Check in with the poll worker who will direct you where to VOTE!

Polling places will be open 7:00am-8:00pm.

How to Vote Absentee (Wisconsin)

In Wisconsin anyone can vote by absentee ballot - no reason is needed!

First make sure you are registered to vote (see above.)

Then visit:

and click on Vote Absentee.

Enter your name and date of birth, then follow the step-by-step process to request your absentee ballot.


Fill out this form

and mail, email, or fax it to your municipal clerk.

This request MUST be received by 5pm on the Thursday before election day for an absentee ballot to be sent to you.

When you receive your ballot, follow the instructions to complete it, verified by 1 witness. Seal and return it to your municipal clerk.

DEADLINE: Must be received by 8pm on election day.

Early Voting at your Municipal Clerk's Office (In-Person Absentee Voting)

You can vote at your local clerk's office on weekdays two weeks prior to the election (ending at 5pm Friday before election day.) Contact your municipal clerk for hours.

For absentee voting in states other than Wisconsin, see Vote 411 above for information on your state's policies and requirements.

Voter Photo ID FAQ

You will need to show a photo ID to verify your identity when you vote.

Common acceptable photo IDs include:

  • Wisconsin Driver's License or DOT-issued ID card
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Military ID
  • Wisconsin Tribal ID
  • College student ID with proof of enrollment (ex. tuition receipt.) Card must show signature, expiration date.

Your photo ID for voting DOES NOT need to show your current/voting address.  You will prove residency when you register to vote. 

If you forget your photo ID on election day, you can still vote! Ask for a provisional ballot and then bring your ID to the polling location by 8pm or your municipal clerk's office by the following Friday at 4pm.