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SHB First Year Seminar (198)

William Dirienzo, Breeyawn Lybbert, Tracy Smith Leiker, Erica Wiest

Searching for popular articles

Step 1: To find popular-magazine articles on your topic, use this database:

Step 2: Type your topic into the search box and click "Search."  (As you begin typing your terms, the system will provide "pop-up" suggestions of search terms.  Feel free to select one of those or just type in your own search.)

The following search terms worked well for your class topics:

          flint michigan water crisis

          pfas   (note: fluoroalkyl compounds may get better search results relating to PFAS)

          fast fashion

Step 3: After you get a list of article results, scroll down and look on the left side for the "Source Types" limit.  Click on the box for "Magazines."

Step 4: Browse the article titles for one that sounds useful for you.  Click the title to see further details about the article, including a brief abstract/summary.  To open the full article, click "PDF Full Text" in the upper, left corner, or "HTML Full Text" if a PDF version is not available.