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Dietetics & Nutrition Research Guide

Library Databases - Search for Articles

Search the library's databases below to gather articles on your topic. You can also browse our full list of databases.

Key Journals

In addition to searching for journal articles in the databases, here is a selection of key journals relating to nutrition and dietetics. You can browse issues or search within each journal.

Connect Google Scholar to UW-Green Bay Libraries

If you are on-campus, Google Scholar should already include links to UW-Green Bay Libraries content.

Off-campus users will need to follow these steps to set this up:

  1. Go to the Google Scholar website:
  2. Under the menu icon in the upper-left, select Settings

  3. Choose Library Links, type in UW-Green Bay, and search

  4. Check the UW-Green Bay Box and click Save

You have now connected content from UW-Green Bay Libraries to Google Scholar!

When searching in Google Scholar, look for the Find It @ UWGB link to see if UW-Green Bay Libraries provide access to the content. Sometimes you will need to click on the "more" link at the end of an entry OR "all versions" to see the link.