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WF 100 First Year Writing

J. Van Slooten

Tips for researching trivia questions

  • Be flexible in your search terms. If your topic is "20th century rock is the best music ever made" be sure to try search terms that will capture different aspects of that topic like: classic rock, album rock, hard rock, or progressive rock.  
  • Newspapers can be great sources of information.  Especially if you are researching a specific person and want to find interviews or, if the person is no longer living, obituaries.
  • Trade publications can uncover loads of information that is not widely available online. Trade publications will be useful if you are researching trivia associated with a specific industry.  For example, if your topic is "coffee is my life" searching in journals produced by and for the coffee industry will expand your material for trivia questions. 
  • Watch the videos below to find out how to search for magazine, trade, and newspaper articles through the UW-Green Bay Libraries.  Then use the search options on this page to find sources for your project. 

Finding Newspaper Articles

Search@UW - Search Books, Articles and More

Finding Magazine & Trade Journals