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Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology (SEPP) Students - Library Services

Mendeley Reference Manager

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Mendeley is a freely available reference manager that the SEPP program encourages students to use. It can help you store, manage, cite and share references. It is available as a desktop application and on the web, and your references will stay synced in both versions using a account. This page provides a brief introduction to its primary organization and citation features.

Adding References to Your Library

There are a few different ways you can add references to your library, and you can see them by clicking the + Add new button. You can:

  • Add a PDF from your computer and have Mendeley automatically fill in the reference data,
  • Manually enter the reference data, or
  • Import a reference from a database or other reference manager program. Many databases available through UW-Green Bay Libraries have an option to export references in .RIS format, which can then be directly imported into Mendeley.

Using the Web Importer


You can also add references while you're viewing an article online using the Mendeley Web Importer, a bookmarklet you can add to your browser.

Managing Citations in Word

Mendeley Cite is an add-in for Microsoft Word that enables you to add in-text citations and bibliographies from your Mendeley library to your document. It includes APA Style and can also work with thousands of other citation styles.


Additional Help

For additional help with Mendeley Reference Manager, Mendeley Web Importer and Mendeley Cite, explore Mendeley's help guides.

Content on this page, including screenshots, was adapted from the User onboarding and support training deck in the Mendeley toolkit.