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SOC WORK 461/463: Program Evaluation I & II

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About this guide

This guide will help you find resources for SOC WORK 461, particularly for your research question and annotated bibliography. On each page you will find useful sources that will help you meet the requirements of the assignment.

If you need help with library search tools and resources, just click on Research Help. You can also email Jodi directly. For other questions about your assignment, contact your professor.

Developing Keywords

To help you define your topic and prepare to start researching, spend a few minutes thinking about each of these questions and jotting down your answers.


Who is involved? What population do you want to focus on?


What is the variable or factor you want to know about them? How is it measured?


Are you focusing on a particular geographic area? Local, national, global?


How would another researcher collect this kind of information? Where would they publish it?