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Evaluating Sources of Information

How to use a media bias checker

News without bias does not exist. There will always be some level of bias and that is okay as long as we can acknowledge it and take that into account as we consume information. As you select sources for academic research, you want to make sure you are selecting sources that provide accurate evidence and fact-based information. This will ensure the reliability of the information.

Media bias checkers provide you with information about known biases and reliability of news publications with an overall rating. They will typically provide information about a political leaning and an overall rating for the reliability of their news reporting. This is a good lateral reading strategy to use when you are evaluating a news source.

Search Tip: If there is a media bias check associated with a source, you can usually locate it by searching for the title of the news source paired with the phrase "media bias." Look at few different media bias sites if available to compare evaluations.


The source to investigate

This article is from Bloomberg, a news website, which makes using a media bias check a good option for evaluating with lateral reading.

Screenshot of a Bloomberg article titled The World's Top Business Cities Are Still Failing Working Women

Action: Open a new tab

Do an internet search for "Bloomberg media bias."

Media Bias/Fact Check gave the following rating...

Overall, we rate Bloomberg Left-Center biased due to story selection that slightly favors the left. We also rate them Mostly Factual in reporting, rather than High, due to not covering Michael Bloomberg and his Democratic Presidential rivals during the primaries. gave Bloomberg a "leans left" rating.

Ad Fontes Media rates Bloomberg News in the "Middle" category of bias and "Reliable, Analysis/Fact Reporting" in terms of reliability.

While the media bias checkers indicated Bloomberg leaned to the left, the reliability of the information presented received a high rating overall.

Screenshot of Google search results for "Bloomberg media bias"