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POL SCI 310: The American Presidency

Finding Court Cases

Click on Cases. Adjust jurisdiction if necessary - default is "All Federal."

Enter search terms in box at top of page.

Using Westlaw's KeyCite

KeyCite is a tool within Westlaw that will tell you if the case (or other source type) is still "good law." This means that the case has not been overturned, superseded, or become invalid for another reason - either partially or in whole. Click on the flag to go to the Negative Treatment tab, where you can see which other cases may have affected yours.

See the images below to learn what to look for within Westlaw. 

Search results list showing cases with red and yellow flags

Search for a case and look for the KeyCite flag icon.

Red flag: no longer good law; yellow flag: some negative treatment; blue-striped flag: case has been appealed

Look for these flags in Westlaw.

For more information

For more in-depth information about finding court cases, see our research guide: