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SOC WORK 461/463: Program Evaluation I & II

Ask a Librarian

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Library Databases

Try Search@UW and one or more of the following databases while working on your annotated bibliography.


Consider the following keywords/phrases when you're searching:

  • Spiritual*
  • Religio*
  • Faith
  • Homeless*
  • "Transitional living"
  • "Transitional housing"
  • Sober

Library Databases Tip: Find Full Text Button

Tip: If you see a Find full text button, click on it to connect to the full text. Find full text

If the article is not immediately available, you'll be taken to a Search@UW page with "Request this item." Use the "Request a PDF (1-3 days)" link to submit an interlibrary loan request for the article.
Screenshot of Search@UW with 'Request a PDF'

Finding Related Articles

When you find an article that's particularly useful or relevant, check its references and look up what other articles have cited it. Google Scholar can help you find what articles have cited a particular title.

Cite by 18 and related articles

The guide listed below will show you how to connect Google Scholar results with UW-Green Bay Libraries resources.