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If you are a UW-Green Bay instructor and wish to schedule classroom or online library instruction, please fill out the following form. Your liaison will be in touch with you shortly.

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Best practices for integrating library instruction


  Scaffolded Instruction vs. "One Shot" Session

Research has shown, "[l]ibrary instruction with follow-up workshops have proved to be a successful way of improving students’ information literacy, but the timing of the course plays a large role in the motivation and learning outcome of the students." ¹

As you think about what you want to cover in your instruction session(s), keep in that information literacy knowledge retention is best when it is specific to coursework and scaffolded throughout the research process. 


We highly recommend, especially any online instruction component, that library content is linked to a scored/ weighted assignment. Having an assessment component is valuable to help inform you of what students are grasping, and maybe what needs to be revisited & improved for retention. 

¹ Daland, H. T. (2015). Just in case, just in time, or just don't bother? Assessment of one-shot library instruction with follow-up workshops. LIBER Quarterly: The Journal of the Association of European Research Libraries24(3), 125-139.