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Integrating Library Resources into Canvas

About this guide

This guide for faculty & staff will show you how to utilize UWGB Libraries materials in your Canvas courses. Use the navigation menu to choose the type of resource you wish to include. It's important to use correctly formatted links so that students will be able to access the library resources from off-campus. In most cases, permalinks are the best way to share library resources with your students

If you need additional help with formatting links to library resources, please contact a librarian.


A permalink or permanent link is a URL that is intended to work for many years, making it less vulnerable to the "link breaking" over time. This is also sometimes referred to as a "stable URL" or "document URL."

Why Should You Use Permalinks? 

  • Using permalinks instead of PDFs of library resources follows best practices of copyright guidelines
  • They are typically much more accessibility friendly than scanned copies of articles
  • By providing students with a permalink instead of a copy or PDF of an article, you provide the library with more accurate statistics of usage for purchasing and maintaining resources