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COM SCI 198: Leadership

Matt Suwalski

Searching recommendations

For this part of your research, you should be able to find articles and books on leadership styles in Search@UW. Keep in mind that you don't need to read an entire book. If you look at the table of contents from a book, you most likely only need to read one chapter that will relate to your topic or sometimes even just reading the book introduction can meet your research needs. 

If you aren't finding results that relate to your leadership style, navigate to the research help page of this guide to connect with a librarian who can help you with your research. 

Example: Transformational Leadership

After doing an internet search for "Martin Luther King Jr." leadership style, I found that he was known as a transformational leader. I used the term "transformational leadership" in Search@UW and got these results. There were a range of books and articles on this leadership style. 

Search@UW - Search Books, Articles and More

Keyword Tips

As you research your leadership style, you may find that your search results are specific to a certain discipline or maybe field. For example you might find articles discussing authoritative leadership in business or leadership in education. If your leader relates to a certain discipline, you might try adding that search term in too. So if your leader was a politician, you could add in the term "politics" to get results more specific to your chosen leader. 

Recommended leadership books