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Digital & Public Scholarship

About this guide

This guide has various resources for instructors and students who are looking to get started in the digital and public scholarship sphere. This page lists resources and services available at UWGB, while the other pages offer additional information about digital scholarship and related topics.

Email Kate Farley with suggestions:

Digital Scholarship Resources at UWGB

Function Tools Contact people
Multimedia Adobe Creative Suite (on-campus computers); Audacity (on-campus computers); Kaltura Media (UW System video streaming service) Help Desk can assist with Adobe Suite installation, but support is through Adobe Help Center site; Kate Farley for Audacity; for Kaltura Media
Statistical Tools SPSS Help Desk for installation; some help documentation
XML and XSLT oXygen (some IS 1129 labs and free trial for 14 days); Text Wrangler, Notepad ++ Rebecca Nesvet (oXygen); Kate Farley (Text Wrangler, Notepad ++)
Digital and Public Humanities Digital and Public Humanities emphasis within the Humanities curriculum Caroline Boswell (Director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning/Associate Professor of History and Humanities); Rebecca Nesvet (Associate Professor of English, Humanities, and Women's and Gender Studies); Heidi Sherman (Associate Professor of History and Humanities)
Visualizations Gephi, Node JS, Tableau, Excel pivot tables, Google Fusion Tables Kate Farley (Gephi, Node JS, Excel tables, Fusion Tables, Tableau); Rebecca Nesvet (Gephi)
GIS ArcGIS, Google Fusion Tables, TimeMapper,  Help Desk can start communication about how to access our institutional suite of ArcGIS applications, Kate Farley (Assignments that include Google Fusion Tables, TimeMapper), Nathan Kraftcheck (Assignments that include ArcGIS, Google Fusion Tables)


  • 3rd Floor of Cofrin Library: 2 flatbed and 1 MFP scanner
  • 7th floor of Cofrin Library
  • General Access Computer Labs/ IS 1129 B & J: 1 flatbed scanner in each

Best-practices for digitization and copyright

Check out equipment

Multimedia server, streaming, and storage


Email Distribution Lists

Employees can create or send to a distribution list with the supervisor's approval.

Project Blogs

  • UWGB Domains can facilitate project blogs (contact Kate Farley)
  • Kentico blogs are functional but do not give users the ability to customize anything aside from the text, and the way pages are displayed in a menu. Kentico adheres to university web policy (contact Web Development)

Video Conference Tools

  • Skype for Business (on-campus application; must have Skype for Business downloaded)
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (web-based, synchronous meeting tool); access it via MyUW in the Web Conferencing Widget.

Project Management Tools

We don't have a campus supported project management tool but these are some free/easy to use applications:


  • Create a website using UWGB Domains; you'll get 2 GB of server space, 30-day backup, and tier-one support (meaning you can email the hosting company when things aren't working and they'll troubleshoot with you).
  • Kentico pages: (contact Web Development)

Access to a web server

  • If you need to access a web server's file manager to develop applications, you can use UWGB Domains. For training email Kate Farley.

Access to the virtual machine

  • On-campus network drives are available, and users should contact the Help Desk for initial questions about how to set that up
  • UWGB Domains offers virtual storage space, and access to FTP accounts if necessary; contact Kate Farley for questions about this.

Web Backups

  • If your site is on Kentico, everything is backed up and supported via UWGB's Web Development team.
  • If your site is on UWGB Domains, it depends what you've set as an individual for automatic backups, but we also pay to have our content backed up for 30 days, off-site.
Cofrin Library can help researchers:
  • Find electronic texts and datasets
  • Advise on digital management
  • Make resources available through library pages
  • Advise on best practices for data preservation and management
  • Create and modify digital repositories like ContentDM where we already store Undergraduate Research, Theses, Oral Histories, and digitized Lawton Gallery collections.
  • Support researchers who are depositing their materials in accessible repositories
For training in research computing tools and services:
  • Check out the University's subscription to
  • Contact the Help Desk or Reference Desk for more information about the kinds of in-person training our campus can support for in-classroom support versus research support
  • Site-license support for common research applications for discounted pricing is available via UW System procurement, WiscSoftware (discounted pricing)

Phoenix Undergraduate Research Collection

The Phoenix Undergraduate Research Collection is focused on research materials on a variety of topics submitted by undergraduate student researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. It begins with research featured in the 2015 “Posters in the Rotunda” at the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. Faculty are encouraged to submit high-quality student research to be included in this collection. Questions regarding the collection may be directed to Paula Ganyard.