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SHB PHILOS 237: Starting Your Research

David Louzecky

Choosing a topic

Use this checklist as you consider topics:

___  Did you review the expectations for the paper/project?  Does your topic meet the expectations?

___  Is your topic interesting to you?

_X_  Will you be able to find enough quality sources on this topic?

___ If the paper/project requires you to write at length--let's say 5 pages--ask yourself if you can write 5 pages of quality content on your topic?

As you consider these questions, do some preliminary reading about your topic.  Even brief background reading will help you understand some of the basic concepts, terms and scope of your topic.

Broad to Narrow

Creating a Research Question




Research question



Government surveillance of private citizens

In what circumstances, should the United States government be permitted to monitor the communication of its citizens?


Digital divide

Digital divide in the United States

In what ways does the digital divide impact student success in U.S. schools?




How does Edward Snowden's release of confidential government documents benefit a democratic society?