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SHB First Year Seminar (198): Finding Books & Articles

Synde Kraus, Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier, Melissa Olson-Petrie, Nabila Rubaiya, Erica Wiest

What's in Search @UW?

Individual Article Databases

​​-  Databases A-Z - A list of all our databases (200+), which you can view by subject area

Search@UW - Search Books, Articles and More

Search@UW or single database search?

The best use of Search@UW is when you need a large number or a variety of resources.  It is also helpful when your research question spans a number of different subjects, making it difficult to choose a single-subject database.

However, not all database content is available through Search@UW.  There will also be many instances in which a single-subject database will have enough content that a user will not need the multiple resources connected to Search@UW.  In these cases, a single database search may be easier and more efficient.