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Adding notes

You can add notes to articles when you open them in a folder.

Start by logging into your acccount.

Do a search.

Find a record you want and click on the link.

A fuller record will open.  Look to the right for a new menu bar.  Select Add to folder.

menu bar for record

If you wish to email the article, embed it in a paper, or save it in Noodletools, go to the Permalink icon and copy the link that appears.  This link is a permanent URL that will give you stable access to the article. 

After saving something to a folder get to it from the top menu "folder." Open it and open your record. There is now an option to write a note about the article. This is helpful for when you are reviewing several articles--it will save you time. Another option would be to save the article in Noodletools and annotate it.

Share or save your search

Look to the top right of your search results for the "Alert, Save, Share" options.

location of share option

Select it to save your search to folder, create alerts, OR to get the Permanent URL to share the search you did. 

Any of these options will save time for you the next time you need to find an article on the topic. 

saving, sharing option