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MAN EDUC 281: Conceptual Foundations of Elementary Mathematics I

Recommended Databases

Since these databases are all part of the EBSCOhost search system, you can search them all at the same time.  Click the link for one of them, then select "Choose Databases" at the top.

Sample Search

1. Enter your topic of interest in the 1st search box

2. Enter teach* OR educat* in the 2nd box, and change dropdown box to right to SO Source

3. After you run the search, use the Limit for Source Types on the left side; click "Show More" and select Magazines, and Trade Publications

If you'd like to narrow your results further, try:  a) change dropdown box to right of your topic to SU Subject Terms;  and/or   b) add more terms into the 3rd search box, for example elementary;    and/or    c) use additional limits on the left side, for example Publication Date can be narrowed to locate current articles

Article Quiz

Which article would be most appropriate to use?
Article 1: 14 votes (70%)
Article 2: 2 votes (10%)
Article 3: 2 votes (10%)
Article 4: 2 votes (10%)
Total Votes: 20

Developing Search Terms

Think about concepts you might want to combine with your topic. You can add with AND to make the search narrower. Remove concepts to broaden the search if you get very few or no results.

Problem solving

Children Mathematics
Toys Young children Mathematics education
FINGER calculation Middle school students Mathematics--Study & teaching
Teaching aids and devices MATHEMATICAL ability in children Elementary school mathematics
Active learning   Tangrams
COLLABORATIVE learning    


The success of your search may depend upon the terminology or search terms you select.

Be flexible.  Be willing to try synonyms, to try more specific or broader terms.

  • Manipulatives (broader term)
  • Cuisenaire rods (specific)
  • Shapes (specific) 
  • tangrams (synonym for manipulative shapes)

Check the terms used in records you retrieve.  Reuse words that match your topic.  This is called "using language in context." 

  • Manipulative materials (Education)
  • Mathematics--study & teaching--audio-visual aids
  • pattern blocks
  • geoboards

Even though the record below describes an article that may not be considered a "professional journal," the terms used in it are worth trying.

look at record for language in context