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Manual for Student Assistants (Manitowoc Location Only): FAQs

This is the Manual for the Library Student Workers of the UWGB-Manitowoc Campus.

Common problems

Here are some common problems that bring students to the desk for help.
Let us know if there are any recurring problems that you run into while working--
--it's our job to find solutions for problems so that they don't repeat.

Wireless printing?

Problem:  Student can't print from his/her laptop.

Solution:  We don't have wireless printing available.  Student can save document to network folder or USB drive and print from one of library computers. 

Printing in Color

The print default is for black & white pages. 

If a student wants to print in color, they can do so from the student printer.

Go to file, select print.

Use drop down menu next to the printer, change from HP LaserJet CP4025 Black & White to HP LaserJet Color CP4025.

Color printing is more expensive -- $0.25/sheet.  Black & white is $0.10/sheet.

Printed page is oddly formatted

Problem:  Student is complaining that the printer is doing something wrong.  S/he shows you a page that lacks an upper margin.

Issue:  This happens when students print something from D2L or the web that is presented as a legal sized document rather than letter size.


  1. Go to the open document in Word
  2. Go to the Page Layout tab
  3. Select Size
  4. Change size from legal to letter

This should fix it.


Problems with Password

Problem:  The student can't login--what do I do?

Issue:  This is most likely a password problem


  1. Log the student in using the library community username and password
  2. Go to PRISM > Password Reset  OR use this link:
  3. Student can change the password.

Printer Won't Print

Problem:  Student is able to send a print job, but nothing happens.

Solution:  This usually happens in D2L.  The printer sends the print job to the manual feed.  Pull down the paper tray on the right side of the printer and load it with paper.  The printer will quickly grab a sheet and start printing. 

Printing from D2L

Problem:  Student can't find an option to print a document from D2L. 

Solution:  Go to bottom of screen.  There will be a "download document" button.  When that button is selected, the document will reopen in Microsoft Word, with print functionality available.