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Manual for Student Assistants (Manitowoc Location Only): Confidentiality

This is the Manual for the Library Student Workers of the UWGB-Manitowoc Campus.



  1. Library circulation records are confidential by law and may not be revealed, even for law officers, unless a search warrant is produced.
  1. Staff may not reveal any patron information, such as name, email address, address, phone, I.D. card number, materials borrowed, or fines due.  
  1. Staff may not reveal who currently has a particular item checked out.  Note, this is even true with respect to reserve materials.  You may not tell a patron who has checked out a reserve item, even if you know the borrower is sitting in the library. 
  1. You may not tell a faculty member who has checked out his/her reserve materials or other library materials he/she may want.
  1. The borrower has the right to use that material for the designated loan period without harassment. 
  1. We can arrange to get materials back if they are urgently needed for instruction, or if the current borrower has had them for an extended period or if they are overdue.  This must be handled by a supervisor.