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Manual for Student Assistants (Manitowoc Location Only): Student Employee Conduct

This is the Manual for the Library Student Workers of the UWGB-Manitowoc Campus.

Conduct Statement

1. You are responsible for the hours you are assigned to work. Do not punch in early or out late unless authorized by a supervisor.

2. You are responsible for arranging your own substitute and to inform your supervisors when schedule conflicts arise. Any student who agrees to sub for another student becomes fully responsible for the shift. 

3. Emergency absences are to be reported immediately at the time of the emergency.
***Email Jared AND Anthony about it or call 920-683-4715. (For more contact information go to "Basic Information" > "Library Hours and Contacts")

4. Your behavior impacts the impression others get of the Library. We want to ensure that is a positive impression. Game playing, eating, chatting, and visiting with friends make us appear less professional and may prevent our patrons from approaching the circulation desk.

5.  Sitting at a public access computer during your work shift rather than at the circulation desk is not allowed. 

6. Doing homework at the circulation desk is only allowed when there are no extra projects that need to be done for a supervisor.  Whether you are doing a library project or your homework, please look up whenever people enter the library--keep your focus on our customers. 

7. Use of headphones and portable listening devices is also prohibited unless you are given special permission from a supervisor.

8. Cell phones must be either turned off or silenced while in the library. Use of cell phones (including text messaging) during work hours is prohibited.

9. By accepting your position, you acknowledge that you may be assigned shifts during exam periods and before holidays. If you are unable to work these time periods, you must find a sub.

10. There may be mandatory meetings and training sessions. You will be given adequate notice for these meetings so that you can attend.  

11. Closing students may be required to work additional hours during the exam period.

12. When assigned duties, you will be expected to fulfill all duties in a timely manner. When finished you should ask your supervisor for any additional tasks that can be done.

13. Students resigning from the position should give a one week notice to a supervisor.

14. Dismissal may take place at any time for the following reasons:

a. Unsatisfactory performance of assigned duties.

b. Repeated tardiness or excessive absences.

c. Failure to comply with rules outlined in training.

d. Failure to complete training.

e. Violation of University Rules.