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Manual for Student Assistants (Manitowoc Location Only): Employee Information

This is the Manual for the Library Student Workers of the UWGB-Manitowoc Campus.

Workplace communication

Your supervisors will communicate with you in person and via email.  Please check your student email on a regular basis.  This is where we post information about schedule changes, new library procedures, and issues that come up.

Hours of Work

  1. Schedule
    Every attempt is made to create a semester-long schedule that meets library service requirements and your needs and preferences.  You are scheduled to work based upon:
  1. library service requirements
  2. your work-study allocation
  3. your class schedule
  4. your availability for work
  5. your travel convenience
  1. Rest Breaks
  1. 15 minute paid break is provided for every 4 hours worked.  This break may not be saved up and used for early departure, nor used as a reason to arrive 15 minutes later than scheduled. It is compensated time and is meant to provide the employee with a rest break during the shift. 
  2. 30 minute unpaid break is provided for employees working 6-8 hours consecutively.  The employee is also entitled to one 15 minute paid break.
  3. Two 15 minute paid breaks and one 30 minute unpaid break are provided for an employee working 8.5 hours or more.  Example: 8-4:30 or 8:30-5:00. 
  1. Time Sheets
  1. Your time sheet is a legal document. 
  2. Complete your timesheet each day worked.  Be accurate.
  3. If you are scheduled to work until 3:00 pm, but it takes you 15 minutes to pack up your belongings and leave the circulation desk area, your timesheet should state that you worked until 3:00.    
  4. Never complete someone else’s time sheet.
  5. Notify the director if there are any problems with your time sheet.
  1. Schedule Change Request
  1. You are responsible for finding a replacement worker when you are ill or when you wish to have off for a special event. 
  2. Keep such switches to the minimum. Consult with your supervisor if you have an ongoing conflict with your schedule.
  3. Notify both supervisors of the switch (email is fine).
  4. If you are too ill to make substitute arrangements, please just call the director at work or at home as soon as you know you cannot work!    
  1. Unexcused Absence
  1. An unexcused absence is one in which you do not arrange for a substitute and do not contact the direct supervisor at least 24 hours ahead of time. 
  2. If you try all other staff members and cannot find a substitute, discuss the problem with your supervisor. 
  3. In case of serious illness, accident, or emergency when you may not be able to call substitutes, please call the library as soon as possible, or ask someone else to do that for you.
  4. The first unexcused absence may result in dismissal.  You have a key role to play in the functioning of the library, so it is important for you to be here as scheduled.  Unexcused absences are not permitted.