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Manual for Student Assistants (Manitowoc Location Only): Telephone

This is the Manual for the Library Student Workers of the UWGB-Manitowoc Campus.

Phone Guides for VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone)

Best Telephone Practice


The telephone is an important public relations tool, not only for the library, but for the UWGB-Manitowoc campus.  Please answer all calls that come in on the Circulation Desk line (920.683.4715) because it is considered the official library phone.  Callers will assume that the library is closed if the phone is not answered. 

Leave calls that come in on the LSA's line (920.663.7328) for voice mail. 

Best Practices:

  1. Be cheerful.  Answer with a smile on your face; it comes through on the phone. Try it!
  2. Speak clearly.
  3. Answer the phone: "UW-Manitowoc Library. may I help you?"
  4. No food.
  5. Give the caller your complete attention.
  6. Always follow-through.
  1. Never say "I don't know" and hang up!
  2. Transfer the call to someone who will know -or-
  3. Take a message. One of us will call back.
  1. Keep conversations brief.
  2. Always say good-bye and let the caller hang up first.


  1. ALWAYS write down phone messages IMMEDIATELY. 
  2. Use ONLY phone message tablets, not scraps of paper.
  3. Get the proper spelling of names and accurate phone numbers (including  area code).
  4. Read the name and number back to the caller to confirm the information.

Telephone Skills

How to Forward / Transfer a Phone Call:  Use the list of office extensions found taped to the circulation desk.

  1. Let the caller know that you will transfer them.
  2. Press the "Flash" button (with this current model, it is also the green "Talk" button)
  3. Listen for dial tone.
  4. Dial the 4-digit number desired (it should start ringing)
  5. Once it rings, hang up

    **If the line is busy, press the "Flash" button to return to the caller.
    Tell the caller the line is busy and give them the number to call directly.

Call Pickup: [need to look this up 4/7/2020]

Get any incoming library call from any phone.  

  1. Pick up the receiver at your location.
  2. Dial "17".
  3. The call will come right to you.

Placing a Call:                                                    

  1. NO personal calls without supervisor's permission--even if you are using your own cell phone.
  2. Calls on campus (to campus numbers): you must use the full 7-digit number. 
  3. Calls off campus (non-campus numbers):
  1. Dial 0, then 1, the area code, and the 7-digit number
  2. Correct: 0-1-(920)-652-0331
  3. Incorrect: (920)-652-0331
  1. Long distance: [need to look this up 4/7/2020]
  1. Only with the approval of your supervisor. 
  2. Dial 8-1-area code-number. 
  3. Correct: 8-1-715-546-2289