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Manual for Student Assistants (Manitowoc Location Only): Library Locations

This is the Manual for the Library Student Workers of the UWGB-Manitowoc Campus.

About library locations

The library contains several specific areas where materials are shelved.  Be sure to look for information on the book itself that will help you understand where to file materials.  The map to the right identifies the most frequently used locations.  All shelving locations are listed below. 

WEST Wing (Front Stacks, Work Area, Offices)

New Books: Found directly north of the circulation desk.

Audio Books, CDs, & Games: Along the northern wall next to New Books.

Movies:  Popular Movies (Feature Films) that are organized A to Z by title. 

Videos:  Educational Movies. This video section includes educational films and documentaries. They are organized by call number.

**New movies:  Are placed on display (generally on the Reference section's countertops)

Reference:  Shelving near the public printer.

Current Periodicals & Newspapers:  Located on the back of one of the Reference shelving units. This area has couches, great for reading/relaxing. (Back issues of periodicals are located in the Archives) (Newspapers >30 days are recycled or given to Faculty for class projects or used for Campus events).

EAST Wing (Hallway and Main Stacks)

Display:  Various displays are located here (monthly/thematic - i.e. Valentine's, Women's History Month, March Madness, etc.).

**Graphic Novels:  On display and in the Main Stacks under PN6700's.

Ready Reference:  Quick reference guides and citation materials (i.e. such as guides to writing and citations of MLA, APA, etc.).

Oversize:  Books to large to fit on the normal shelves. Located in the Hallway by the group study rooms, between the WEST and EAST Wings of the library.

Main Stacks:  This is what we call the bulk of the collection, housing both fiction and non-fiction (but mostly non-fiction) (fiction books can often be found in the English/writing section).

Library Locations Map

Library Locations Map

Library Collections

Library Main Stacks