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Manual for Student Assistants (Manitowoc Location Only): Opening/Closing

This is the Manual for the Library Student Workers of the UWGB-Manitowoc Campus.


Opening the Library

  1. Unlock the main doors.
  2. Turn on the lights at the circulation desk, in the group study rooms, and in the back.
  3. Log in to the circulation desk computer and the Student ID computer used to make student IDs. Make sure the ID printer is on.
  4. Note gate count on gate count clipboard, then zero out the gate counter. 
  5. Make sure the Public Printer (RICOH) and Circulation Desk Printer (HPP3015) are turned on.
  6. Make a quick inspection of the Library.  Pick up any books, papers, etc., which are misplaced, and any scrap paper.   Notify Librarian or LSA if there are any major spills or housekeeping issues so that they may notify the maintenance department. 
  7. Make sure that the Circulation Desk is ready for the day.

    - Advance the calendar if this has not been done.
    - Empty hole punchers and check the staplers (at the circ. desk and by the public printer's) supply of staples and tape dispensers supply of tape.
    - Check the supply of pens, pencils, and paperclips, etc.

  8. Shelve and display morning newspapers. 



Closing the Library

  • 10 to 15 minutes before closing, politely inform those remaining in the Library that you will be closing.   Be sure to notify people in the group study rooms.
  • Fill paper trays of public printer and circulation desk printer.
  • Shelve all items still on the return cart CAREFULLY, spine up, leaving each item extended out at least 4” from the surrounding items so it can be double-checked in the morning.
  • Shelve any library materials that have been left lying on tables or elsewhere in the library.
  • Walk the perimeter of the library to make sure all doors in the back are closed.
  • Push in or otherwise straighten library chairs at tables and computers, arrange neatly any library furniture or carpets, that may be askew, etc.
  • Clean / Wipe down group study room tables and any other tables that need it.
  • Pick up any papers, trash, or other items found on tables, cubicles or the floor anywhere in the library and dispose of properly.  For class notes, notebooks or folders, clothing, keys, disks, and other personal items, put on counter behind circulation desk.  Attempt to determine owner’s name and attach if possible.
  • Leave all public computers, circulation work area computers, and all printers on.
  • Log out of circulation computer and ID card computer but leave them on.
    (Do NOT shutdown)
  • Turn off all lights in group study rooms and all lights and the fans in the back of the library. Turn off the 4 light switches by the circulation desk.
  • Make sure main doors (Founder’s Entrance) stay fully-closed and locked as you leave the library.