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PU EN AF 198: Changemakers: Stories of Everyday Leadership

Ashley Heath

What to search for...

In your research paper, in addition to biographical information, you will nee to answer the following questions: 

  1. What obstacles, barriers, challenges did your leader face? 
  2. What qualities did you leader demonstrate and/or what actions did they take to overcome these obstacles? 

Think back to my example of Margaret Sanger. As a feminist, birth control activist born in the 1920s, she was challenged by education opportunities based on sex and class. She was also challenged by living in a conservative culture and time period. It wasn't until the sexual revolution of the 1960s near her death before "the pill" and other contraception methods were more popularized. Therefore, I may want to explore the following topics and search combinations for secondary research: 

  • Women's education AND United States
  • Education opportunities AND lower class 
  • Sexual revolution AND oral contraception
  • oral contraception development AND Margaret Sanger 

These are only a few suggestions and ideas of ways you can expand your topic and come up with different keywords and subtopics to explore. Try selecting a subject database below or Search@UW to locate articles and books for secondary research. Remember, you can always ask a librarian for help! 

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