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SHB PSYCH Courses: Finding it on the shelf

Tiffany Wilhelm

Reading a Call Number

Books on the shelf are organized by Call Number, which is like the book’s address.  

First, look at the letter or letters at the beginning of the call number.  The letter line is like the city name in an address—a general area that is shared by many books.


Books with the single letter “L” are located before books with two letters, such as “LA.”

Next, look at the number immediately below the letter line.  The number line is like the street name in an address—an area that can be shared with a few books.

The numbers are read as whole numbers and arranged in numerical order. 

Finally, look at the combination letter/number line. This line is like the house number in an address—only one book will have this complete call number, unless there are multiple copies of the same book.

  This combination line is read first by letter and then by number as a decimal.   

What does the call number mean?

Pyschology Call Numbers

Explore the call numbers below for information on your topic.  These are some general areas of psychology that may be of interest to you.  For more information on Psychology call numbers, go here.

  • BF 1-990  Psychology
  • BF 173-175.5  Psychoanalysis
  • BF 176-176.5  Psychological tests and testing
  • BF 180-198.7  Experimental psychology
  • BF 309-499  Consciousness.  Cognition
  • BF 501-505  Motivation
  • BF 511-593  Affection.  Feeling.  Emotion
  • BF 608-635  Will.  Volition.  Choice.  Control
  • BF 636-637  Applied psychology
  • BF 660-685  Comparative psychology.  Animal and human psychology
  • BF 692-692.5  Psychology of sex.  Sexual behavior
  • BF 697-697.5  Differential psychology. Individuality.  Self
  • BF 698-698.9  Personality
  • BF 699-711  Genetic psychology
  • BF 712-724.85  Developmental psychology Including infant psychology, child psychology, adolescence,adulthood.
  • BF 725-727  Class psychology

You may also find books on psychiatry useful.  Some of those call numbers are found below.  For more information on those call numbers, go here.

  • RC435-571  Psychiatry
  • RC475-489 T herapeutics. Psychotherapy
  • RC490-499  Hypnotism and hypnosis. Suggestion therapy
  • RC500-510  Psychoanalysis
  • RC512-569.5  Psychopathology
  • RC512-528  Psychoses
  • RC530-552  Neuroses
  • RC554-569.5  Personality disorders. Behavior problems including sexual problems, drug abuse,
    suicide, child abuse
  • RC569.7-571  Mental retardation. Developmental disabilities

For child psychiatry:

  • RJ499-507  Child psychiatry