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SHB WF 105: Research and Rhetoric

Erica Wiest

Sample topics

If you are at one of these computers, and you don't have a research topic: Then use this as your research question for the worksheet:

A1, A4, A7

B1, B4, B7

C1, C4, C7

D1, D4, D7


What are some possible solutions to the decline in honeybee populations?

A2, A5, A8

B2, B5, B8

C2, C5, C8

D2, D5, D8


What are the long-term effects of sports-related concussions?

A3, A6, A9

B3, B6, B9

C3, C6, C9

D3, D6, D9


How can Facebook posts about or from an individual impact his/her career success?