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Searching PsycInfo


This page highlights some of the most popular options for narrowing your search to find more relevant resources, how to view additional information about an article, as well as how to view or request the full text of an article.

Narrowing Results

You can limit your results in a variety of ways as you can see in the image below. The most popular ways to limit are:

  1. By Publication date using the date slider or by entering a date range.
  2. By Source type, such as scholarly journals, dissertations & theses, or books.To limit results to academic journals that have been peer reviewed, see more search options.
  3. By Age, Gender or Population discussed in the articles.
  4. By Methodology, such as empirical study, quantitative study, and literature review. These categories are not mutually exclusive.

Viewing Results

On the search results screen, click on the title of an article to view additional information and access or request the full text.

  1. The Title of the article appears along with its authors, journal, volume and issue (if applicable), year, and page numbers.
  2. The Abstract provides a brief summary of the article.
  3. Additional Details can be found as you continue scrolling down the page. They include subject terms, additional author information, and the article's DOI, etc.
  4. You will find different tools to use such as the Cite, Email, Print, and Save buttons will only apply to the abstract unless the full text appears as a tab on this page. If you intend to save a link to the article, ALWAYS use the permalink tool option, rather than the URL at the top of the page.

Finding Full Text

The way you access full-text in PsycInfo may vary by article. After clicking on an article's title, look on the left hand side of the article record for full text options.

  1. Look for a Full text - PDF option or an HTML full text option. If it is there, click it to immediately access the full article.

  2. Some articles will not have a Full text - PDF tab. In that case, click on the Find It! button. This will search the library's resources for an online copy of the article. If it is not available, you will be given the option to request a copy using the We can get it for you for free! (ILL & ILLiad) link.