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Types of Sources

Ask a Librarian

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Distinguishing between sources when you're searching in Search@UW or the databases can be trickier than when you're looking at a print or web version. Limiters can help, but here are some tips to help you determine the type of source you're viewing. Keep in mind the examples below do not reflect the variety of database interfaces available.

Is it a newspaper?

What to look for:

  • low word count
  • section named (e.g, National Desk) and/or newspaper pagination listed (e.g., section + page = A12)
  • recognizable/well-known publication (e.g., New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.) OR use Google to confirm whether the source you're looking at is a newspaper.

When viewing in Search@UW:
Newspaper article record from The New York Times in Search@UW highlighting

When viewing in a database, such as Nexis Uni:
Newspaper article record in Nexis Uni that highlights The New York Times, the section, and wordcount of 712

If you're not sure what you're looking at, try a Google search for the source's name:
Google search result that says "The New York Times is an American newspaper"