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National History Day

Tips for NHD students on finding books in the UWGB Libraries

Finding Books in the Cofrin Library

The best way to find books owned by the Cofrin Library is through a Search@UW search. Search@UW contains a variety of information sources held throughout the University of Wisconsin System. You will want to search only the resources available to you through UW-Green Bay. The information below will lead you through the process of searching for books on your topic and will tell you what you need to bring with you on your research day to find your books on the library shelves.

Tips on Searching

By default, Search@UW searches Everything. You will want to use the drop-down menu to switch to UWGB Books Media & More. This is the only content that will be available to you on your research day. The Search@UW box on this guide is already restricted to UWGB Books, Media, & More.

Start with a simple keyword search, which will retrieve information containing all of the keywords.

Example: Peshtigo fire will retrieve materials that include both keywords.

Searching a person's name will retrieve information BY and ABOUT the person.

Example: Isabel Allende

Use quotation marks to search exact phrases.

Example: "data mining"

Use an asterisk(*) for truncation searching.

Example: organic farm* will retrieve: organic farm, organic farms, organic farmers, organic farming, etc.

Connector words (AND, OR, NOT), also referred to as Boolean operators, must be CAPITALIZED.

Example: social media AND privacy will retrieve materials that mention both keywords.

Example: death penalty OR capital punishment will retrieve materials that mention either keyword

What do I need?

As you are searching for books in Search@UW, be sure to write down the titles, call numbers and floor information of all the books you want to find on your library research day.  The pictures below will show you how to do that. Remember that books located in the "Stacks" are divided between two floors: the 5th floor has call numbers beginning with Q-Z and the 6th floor has call numbers beginning with A-P.

There will be library assistants to help you find the right floor/ area for your books on your research day.

How to find a book

The location of a book can be found below the authors' names on the results list.

Or by clicking on the title and then on Get It.

The first part of the location tells you where in the library to look for the book.

The second part (Call Number) tells you where on the shelf to find the book.

Read one part of the call number at a time.

Example: HQ73.3.U62 W653 2021

HQ Read alphabetically
73 Read as a whole number
.3 Read as a decimal
.U62 Read alphabetically, then as a decimal
2021 Read as a year

Shelves are labeled to help you find the right row.