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Google Scholar Description

Google Scholar is a search engine of scholarly literature. It includes citations to journal articles, books, theses/dissertations, technical reports, patents, and legal materials.


  • Easy to use
  • Searches a wide variety of information
  • Multidisciplinary: covers many subject areas.
  • Can configure Google Scholar to connect with Cofrin Library's online resources


  • Although material is mostly scholarly, no option to search "peer-reviewed" materials
  • Many publishers do not provide free access to their materials
  • Lacks sophisticated advanced searching
  • Does not provide summaries/abstracts

Setting Up Google Scholar to Connect with Cofrin Library Resources

If you are on-campus, Cofrin Library has already set up Google Scholar search preferences to include links to Cofrin Library content.

Off-campus users will need to follow these steps to set this up:

  1. Under the menu icon in the upper-left of the Google Scholar homepage, select Settings.
    Google Scholar Menu Bar
  2. Select Library Links.
    Library Links in Google Scholar
  3. Type in UW-Green Bay and search. Check the box next to UW-Green Bay Box and click Save. You have now connected Cofrin Library content to Google Scholar!
    UW-Green Bay in Google Scholar
  4. When searching in Google Scholar, look for the Find It @ UWGB link. Sometimes you will need to click on More or All Versions at the end of a reference to see it. This will search our resources and direct you to an online copy or an interlibrary loan page where you can request the article for free.
    Find It @ UWGB on Google Scholar