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WF 100: First Year Writing

Lisa Mazey

Finding Newspaper Articles

Why search through the library? 

Through our libraries you have unlimited access to major US newspapers, Wisconsin newspapers, as well as many ethnic and minority press newspapers. By searching through the library resources, you will avoid paywalls asking you to pay a subscription after using up your "free" article for the month. Use the newspaper search above to start searching. 

Newspaper search tip: 

If you are looking for information on a specific time period, try using the date limiters to help speed up your search.

New York Times Online Access

You also have full access to The New York Times Online giving you access to past and current articles. To access your account, click the database below. 

Finding Magazines

The best way to find magazine articles is to use the "source type" filter within the database you are searching in to limit to magazines. This may look different depending on the database you are searching in, but it should be worded similarly. 

Below you can find a list of suggested databases to look for magazine articles in. However, many databases will have magazine content in them you can limit by "source type."