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Theses & Dissertations Submission Guide

This guide provides steps for using the ProQuest ETD Administrator site for UW-Green Bay Masters and Doctorate students to publish their completed thesis or dissertation.

Submit Your Thesis or Dissertation

Step 1: Sign into your account. Theses and Dissertations Submissions Site

Step 2: Read through the instructions & "Click Continue."

list of steps to review before starting the submission process

Step 3: Choose the ProQuest Publishing option. 

  • If you choose to publish "Open Access," The UW-Green Bay Libraries will pay for this service and you do not need to pay the associated fee. If you choose this option it will mean more people will be able to read your work. Here's what the Open Access Publishing Agreement says:

text of open access publishing agreementtext of open access publishing agreement

text of open access publisher agreement

  • UWGB does not have a "delayed release or embargo policy," so unless you're in negotiation with a publisher for your work, most people will indicate "Yes" for the second section.
  • Note you are not able to modify your "Type of Publishing" selection after submitting your Thesis or Dissertation. If you wish to change from Traditional Publishing to Open Access, withdraw your submission and start again.
  • If you want to see more information about search engine discovery, here's what it says:

proquest search engine discovery information

Click Save & Continue after you've selected your choices.

select the publishing options





Step 4: Fill out the Contact Information section. 

Note: for student ID, we'd like the number on your student ID card. You can also find this information in SIS if you don't have a student ID card. 

contact information section

Step 5: Fill out the information about your thesis/dissertation and advisors.

dissertation and thesis details page information

advisor and committee member information

Step 6: Upload a copy of your thesis or dissertation.

Note: We ask that you attach your Release of Rights form in a later step, so you can select "No" for the second section about copyright documents.

upload a pdf of the file

Step 7: Upload supplemental files, if you have them

supplemental files screen

Step 8: Upload the completed Release of Rights form

Note: this is a required document. If you haven't filled it out before starting your submission you can download it from this page, save it, fill it out, sign it electronically, and then upload it here.

upload release of rights form


Step 9: Add notes to the administrative staff who manage this account

add notes to administrator if you have any

Step 10: Register U.S. Copyright or choose to not file

Note: Graduate Studies does not file for Copyright on your behalf, so if you wish to proceed and have ProQuest file on your behalf you'll need to agree to pay the associated fee.

  • Students should choose No/ No if they've applied a Creative Commons License to their work.
  • Students should choose No/Yes if they want to pay ProQuest to register for Copyright on your behalf.
  • Students should choose Yes/No if they've already registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

register for U.S. Copyright screen

Step 11: You may choose to order a physical copy through ProQuest,, if you wish. For students in the Environmental Science & Policy Program, the Graduate Studies office works with DigiCopy to print your materials, then sends it to Grim Bindery in Madison, Wisconsin. If you would still like to purchase additional copies through ProQuest, you can follow the screenshots below.

Notes: Have your credit card handy!  If you want to purchase copies through ProQuest, in the next steps you'll be asked for a credit card. You can can decline ordering copies and print elsewhere if you wish.

Step 12: Review your submission and order summary

Review submission history

order summary page

Step 13: Finally, submit your thesis or dissertation. You'll see this screen and receive an email letting you know it was successfully submitted.

Submission in review page

All submissions will be reviewed before they become available for public use. Library or Graduate Studies staff may follow up with clarifications or changes, if necessary.