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Theses & Dissertations Submission Guide

This guide provides steps for using the ProQuest ETD Administrator site for UW-Green Bay Masters and Doctorate students to publish their completed thesis or dissertation.

Modifying or Revising a Thesis or Dissertation

Step 1: Sign into your account: Theses and Dissertations Submissions Site

Step 2: Click "Revise"

Step 3: Make any modifications and remember to click "Save and Continue" after each change.

Note you are not able to modify your "Type of Publishing" selection after submitting your Thesis or Dissertation. If you wish to change from Traditional Publishing to Open Access, withdraw your submission and start again.

Step 4: Submit your changes on the "Submit Revisions" page.

review submission summary page

Withdraw a submission

Whether you accidentally submitted your thesis or dissertation before it was complete or if you changed your mind about a setting or selection after submitting, you have the option to withdraw the submission before it has been approved by the Institutional administrator and sent to ProQuest. 

Step 1: Sign into your account.

Step 2: Click "Revise"

Step 3: Click on Withdraw this submission

Step 4: Choose a "Reason for withdrawal" from the drop down menu & click "Withdraw ETD"

withdraw submission screen