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ENG 336: American Ethnic Literature - Asian American Literature

Ann Mattis

Source Requirements

For your upcoming assignment literary assignment, you will need to find peer reviewed scholarly sources. Below you will find some suggestions on where to relevant sources focused on literary and cultural criticism. 

Developing Keywords

To be successful in your research, picking the right search terms is essential. As you begin to search for sources try the following as your search terms: 

  • Name of your text 
  • Author name
  • Chosen theme or a keyword related to a theme in the book. 

You can see an example of a search that could be used in researching class disparity in Crazy Rich Asians. 

Note: The title "Crazy Rich Asians" is pretty unique so wouldn't necessarily require quotations around the phrase when searching. However, if your work is a more common word like for example, Nella Larsen's Passing, you would want to use quotation marks around the title. For a title like that, you would also want to include the author's name. 

Jstor search with keywords "crazy rich asians" AND kevin kwan" AND "class"

If you are struggling to find relevant sources with these keyword suggestions, click on the research help page of this guide to connect with a librarian. 

Recommended Databases