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HUM STUD 110: Introduction to Film

William Yazbec

Source Requirements for Weekly Assignments

Each week, you are required to make a discussion board post about your chosen film for that week. In this post, you also need to incorporate a scholarly film studies article about the film. If you need a reminder on what a scholarly source is, visit the scholarly sources page of this guide or review the video and resources provided in your canvas course.

On this page you will find resources to help you locate these types of sources for your paper. You have the option two options for finding these kinds of sources: 

  1. Search directly in a film studies journal for an article
  2. Use a database to find an article from a film studies journal

There are pros and cons to both ways of searching. If you can't find an article using one method, try the other. If you are still having difficulty, click on the research help page of this guide to connect with a librarian who can help you. 

Film Studies Journals to Search In

Below you will find specific journal publications listed in your syllabus to search in for your weekly assignments. Once you click on the journal title, you can search in the specific journal by clicking one of the options available under "view online." Begin using a simple search for the title of your film. 

While searching, make sure the source you select is a scholarly article, and not a review or editorial. You may come across these when searching in journals. If you have trouble with any of this, click on the research help page of this guide to connect with a librarian for help

Film Studies Journals

Database Keyword Tips

When using databases to find scholarly film studies articles, try searching for the title of the film you are researching. If you are getting results not related to film studies, try adding in search terms like: 

  • film criticism 
  • film studies
  • film critique


Note on Searching with Databases

As you find articles using databases, make sure the article is coming from a film studies related journal. Check the publication information to find the name of the journal. You can see in the image below, this article is from the journal, Literature/Film Quarterly, which is a film studies journal. 

Sometimes the title will make it obvious it is a film studies journal. If you aren't sure, Google the title of the journal to find out more information about it. 

Recommended Databases for Film Studies Research