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BIO 490: Biology Seminar

Viewing Results

  1. By default, results will be sorted by publication Date, from newest to oldest. You may find it more useful to sort instead by Relevance, which is closer to how many databases and search engines (like Google) work. You might also want to try sorting by Times Cited, which refers to how many times a given article was cited by other papers in the database. A high Times Cited count may indicate that an article was influential, though it does not guarantee that.
  2. Each result lists the title of the article, authors, journal title, and publication date.
  3. You can view Abstracts without leaving the search results page.
Screenshot of Web of Science search results

Finding Full Text

Biological Abstracts, Science Citation Index, and other Web of Science databases do not include the full text of articles, but they do include links to help you get to the full text.

  1. For all articles, you should see a Find It! button. Click this to check to see if the article is available in the library's subscriptions.
    • Find It button, labeled Context Sensitive Links
  2. If the full text is available, there will be a link to access it immediately.
    • Full text available at: EBSCOhost link
  3. If the full text is not available in the library's subscriptions, you can request it through interlibrary loan for free. This generally takes 1-3 business days.
    • We can get it for you for free! ILL & ILLiad

If an article is open access, Web of Science may also include a link to view the full text from the publisher or another source.