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Tips on Searching

Start with a simple keyword search.

Example: a search for: Peshtigo fire will retrieve materials that include both keywords.

Searching a person's name will retrieve information BY and ABOUT the person.

Example: Isabel Allende

Use quotation marks to search exact phrases.

Example: "data mining"

Use an asterisk (*) for truncation searching.

Example: organic farm* will retrieve: organic farm, organic farms, organic farmers, organic farming, etc.

Finding Peer Reviewed Articles

From your list of search results, click on the Peer-Reviewed link.

Click on Peer-reviewed under Refine My Results

Results will show materials from peer-reviewed journals BUT some articles shown may not themselves be peer-reviewed (i.e. book reviews, letters to the editor.) For help determining if your article is peer-reviewed see:

Advanced Searching

To search for a particular title, author, subject, or to limit by publication date, use the Advanced Search link on the results page.

displaying where advanced search is located on page


Connector words (AND, OR, NOT), also referred to as Boolean operators, must be CAPITALIZED.

Example: social media AND privacy will retrieve materials that mention both keywords.

Example: death penalty OR capital punishmentwill retrieve materials that mention either keyword

What to search?

Search Drop down menu

By default, Search@UW searches Everything - one search for all of the categories listed below. You can also use the drop-down menu to switch to one of these specific sets of search results:

  • Articles and more: access to articles, images, streaming audio/video, and other materials from most of UW-Green Bay Libraries' databases.
  • UWGB Books, Media, and more: books & media available from UW-Green Bay (however, you will see items from other UW Libraries if they own the same item as UW-Green Bay)
  • UW Libraries Books, Media, and more: books & media available from UW System Libraries. You can have physical materials sent you here at UW-Green Bay for free.
  • Course Reserves: items set aside by a professor for a course. Available at the Public Services Desk at Cofrin Library.
  • UW Digital Collections: digitized materials from the UW System, including some dissertations/theses, presentations, images, audio/video recordings, and more.